Week 2 of attempted weight gain

As you know Faye bought me a Fitbit (see first post) and I am closing in on my final week with the Fitbit and I have already noticed a positive change in my life. Now, don’t get me wrong, my saturated fats intake is probably through the roof and continuing [...] Read more »

Getting healthy and gaining weight with my Fitbit One

I have always wanted something to track my movements throughout the day. Not in the location aware sense but in terms of calories burnt, calorie intake and even to monitor sleep and it became even more prudent recently. As most of you know. I am a skinny guy and I [...] Read more »

Things you should know about weddings before proposing!

This is a jokey one but certainly useful if you are concerned about proposing but not being fully prepared. Myself and Faye love the challenge Weddings are expensive. Even the cheap ones. Wedding dresses are expensive. Even the cheap ones. Prepare to cause some internal family arguments regarding the invites [...] Read more »

Tech companies on the smart watch train before it’s even left the station

http://feedly.com/k/1dCnMWB This is what happens when companies release a device that they don’t fully understand all in an attempt to “be there” before Apple release their smart watch. When I first heard the rumour that Apple were working on a watch I said it would never take off. Who the [...] Read more »

The new Templeman library building


Some of us who work at the University had the opportunity to have a tour of the latest development at the Canterbury campus. It really was amazing to see and the level of detail some of the works were going through was incredible. To think this is going to be [...] Read more »

Still waiting for Hop


I don’t think I have ever been so patient to download an app in my life. Started at 47,000 people about 2 months ago.

How to keep your house warm

how to keep your house warm It’s going to be a cold winter like every year and if you live in a house with crappy insulation these tricks may just make you feel more comfortable. Faye and I on the other hand are moving out soon so we’re going to [...] Read more »

Fancy seeing a Skillcat?

My current youtube obsession is watching the Skrillcat. So much so Faye and I just re-enacted the scene at home. Twice! Haha. Sorry there’s no video so you’re just going to have to make do with the original Watch the Skrillcat >

The road after Graduation


It’s weird to think that after 5 years of education I have finally graduated and my life technically is only really just beginning. I did so much in 5 years from being a fresher, making a variety of new friends, having crappy jobs, improving my grades year on year and [...] Read more »

More baby mice and my new Mac friend


It’s been a while since I’ve blogged and quite a lot has happened so I hope to update you all over the next few days with some shorts bursts of knowledge The cutest thing by far though is that we have some more baby mice! Daisy has already given birth [...] Read more »

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