First thoughts on Coda 2 for Mac

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I have always used Coda and found to be the best Mac IDE out there. It’s simple, clean, beautiful to use and no hassle. It always missed functionality that some of the bigger players had but that was kind of the point. Too much functionality can sometimes take you away from what you are doing or be more of a distraction than a benefit.

Coda 2 was released last week I think and I decided to bite the bullet and buy it from the App Store for the not so reasonable sum of £55! I no longer have Coda 1 and have moved away from pirating software so figured at the very least I owed these guys some money anyway for doing such a great job with Coda 1.

In short, Coda 2 is brilliant. All the annoying aspects of Coda 1 are now GONE and all you are left with is a beautiful interface with MORE functionality! In true Apple style the dudes at Panic decided to wait. Wait and introduce new functionality in a way that kept with the original attraction of using Coda – it’s beautiful and seamless interface. SVN no longer gives me errors every 2 seconds (sorry Versions – you have been replaced), GIT is now supported, direct manipulation of your sql server also! (which I have yet to use. Everything is built in – but without the shit loads of contextual menus found in others IDE’s.

I’m a light programmer. I do very little and appreciate the basics such as predicting function names or variable names but in an unobtrusive way. If that is what you want. Go for Coda. £55 is quite a steep price but if you somehow managed to get a free copy (cough cough) of Coda 1 and feel a bit guilty then Coda 2 is well worth the upgrade to ease your guilt and improve your experience. Win win right? 🙂

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