Christmas is coming starting with the family in Canterbury

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It’s been a great day today and it really feels like Christmas is almost here. My Mum, Dad and Fabio came to Canterbury today for the primary reason to have a look at houses but we also went for coffee afterwards and did some shopping in the city centre which was great. Of course Faye was also there which always makes the time so memorable. It’s so great to see her get on so well with my family and it fills me with a lot of joy thinking about our future.

Of course, it was filled with lots of giggles, and iPhone talk and as a bonus I managed to sell my iPad 3 to a friend of mine for a real bargain but its also nicer to sell something easily for a low price than to a complete stranger on eBay.

Faye and I also decided to do Christmas presents early and I bought her some awesome headphones which she loves. They sound quality is unbelievable. So much so that I am going to have to buy one myself at some point! I also received a beautiful jumper 2 gift cards and a wok! Yes – I have been raving about buying a wok for ages and I finally got one!

Anyways. That’s it from me. 5 days of work left then Christmas. For the rest of the blog I shall leave you with some more pictures of the day 🙂





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