Google Earth screenshot vs Apple Maps screenshot

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Don’t get me wrong – I am often the first person to defend Apple when they do something weird as there is always a reason but Maps was a biggy. I could have at least used someone else in the short term till their own maps system was up to scratch. Now I don’t use maps all that often which is why I didnt really give a shit when this all blew up in their faces last year, although during a moment of reminiscing and boredom I decided to play around with google Earth and looked at my old secondary school in Waltham Abbey. Pretty much just outside of London. It looked like this:

IMG_0202Looks good huh. Bright colours. High resolution. Quite a bit of detail.

Out of curiosity I decided to have a look at the Apple Maps version to see if reviews were really as bad as they said they were. Well – the results kind of speak for themselves don’t you think?

IMG_0203I understand the view is a tad different but it is a real shame that Apple went for a second place (well not even that really) product because of disagreements with Google. At the end of the day it really doesn’t matter anyway. Google released their owns maps with turn by turn navigation but I am looking forward to the day that Apples maps improves so that I can use things like Siri within the app and also just because the Apps UI is more consistent with Apple’s UI rather than Google’s very unique design (which I love but doesn’t quite work as well on the smaller iPhone screen – works beautiful on something like a Samsung Galaxy S3).

Either way this just turned into a bit of a vent but it was mainly due to astonishment. At least they get 95% of the other things right. So much so I moved back to an iPhone after only 2 months with Windows Phone. I seriously wasn’t able to cope anymore. I feel like an addict.



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