WD My Book Studio Edition II 6TB review

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I decided to post a review on the Amazon site about this hard drive (as I like to do every once in a while) and figured that I should probably also pop it on my blog! It’s a simple copy and paste for a 2 minute write up so don’t judge my writing style!

I have been using this hard drive for almost 1 year now and I have not had a single problem with it. I have it connected to my Mac in striped format (6tb) and it houses my iTunes library. It has worked flawlessly and never encountered any random issues.

Given there are 2 hard drives it can take about 10 seconds to spin up when accessing it through finder or the Apple TV. Also the only other annoying thing is it needing to spin up if you are doing a search on iTunes even when all you want to do is search for music which is stored on the internal drive although this is more of an issue with iTunes/my set up rather than the hard drive itself. Still something to consider however.

In terms of speed. Firewire is noticeably faster than USB 2 therefore I would highly recommend you use it. It is also doesn’t decrease the speed of your computer during transfers which I have found USB 2 does. Some reviewers have said data transfers are slow. I can’t say I have noticed anything out of the norm so I wouldn’t worry too much. It copies a 4gb file for me in about 3 or 4 minutes last I remember.

You can hear the hard drive spin up in a silent room (which is a good thing if your Apple TV is loading as it confirms that the process has started) otherwise once spun and in idle it’s very very quiet. I have it in my living room though so I can’t comment on if it bearable enough whilst spinning if you are sleeping. I suspect not if you like silence but if you are used to having a computer in your room always on you would probably be fine!

As a whole. Great hard drive, great value. Tough choice between this and the NAS version though. I chose this for speed as I generally like that the hard drive turns off with my Mac and connects directly with iTunes and spins up only when needed. I have also had some bad luck with reliability with NAS drives so went the safe option. As a whole I am glad that I did.

I want to get another one as a back of this but I gotta find £330!

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