Part 1: making the best of an unfortunate week

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Ready for an epic story of failure, depression and some fun? Excellent – you’re at the right place! I exaggerated the depression part of course but the title of the post kinda points you in the right direction on which of the 3 will come first.


We missed our flight. Twice. I could end it there but I will elaborate for the sake of completeness. Our flight to the wonderful Rome was at 3:55pm. So because both Faye and I are incredibly responsible people we were going to leave at 12:30. Before leaving though (again because we are insanely intelligent) we checked the travel reports. The M26 is closed because a lorry overturned and caught fire. An extra half an hour to account for the redirect. A 1.10 journey to 1.30. Not so bad huh! So we left with 4 hours to spare.


And oh my god the traffic on the detour was insane! See the picture right here. This is what I saw the entire time I was driving. Pretty huh. Either way we didn’t arrive at Gatwick till 4:30 and even then they would not let us on the 5:15 plane that we would have happily paid extra for. The problem is that going for a flight the next day is exhausting after spending ages in the car, driving park to stanstead the next day, wasting that Tuesday due to exhaustion (it happened in Paris unfortunately), having only 2 good days in Rome to then leave at 4am on the Friday morning. What was supposed to be a lovely, fun and relatively relaxing holiday would turn into a massive disappointment and not at all relaxing. Maybe we should have gone. Maybe not. Most people will say we should have but until you are in that position it’s a really difficult decision to make. I think if the original plan was 7 days we would have gone the next day.


So where does that leave us? Well after over 7 hours in the car, back at home, eating Dominos and watching the West Wing just like any other night. Well, I’m writing this so I guess that’s a little different.

I of course did the rounds to try and get some of my £600 back.

  • flights: non refundable
  • hotel: non refundable
  • Special metro/attraction tickets: non refundable although can be used within 12 months
  • parking: not yet tried

I had insurance but APPARENTLY they only refund if:

  • the car breaks down
  • you’re involved in an accident
  • public transport is delayed

So I guess a different car/lorry/fucking monster truck breaking down closing an entire motorway doesn’t count. Oh I hate insurance companies. I guess the only up side is that I haven’t spent the euros in cash which could allow for some fun this week….

Fun! Finally!

You’re just gonna have to wait for the next blog post for that as we have things planned that we’ve talking about for ages to do. In short. Mice, goape and Whitstable.

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  1. 🙁 Sorry to hear that buddy.

    (p.s I am going to use this to justify my wanting to leave for the airport 5 hours before the flight to jess.)

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