Part 2: making the best of an unfortunate week

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So what to so after a horrible day? Some minor plans to try and make up for it. We started with something pretty basic. Off to town to do some shopping (Faye bought a very pretty dress) and some coffee with a tablet to plan the next few days.

On the way we actually came across an amazing street band. They looked like a bunch of modern looking rustefarians with their dreads, hippy clothes and general style but my god they knew how to play live music. Biggest problem with any street band is that you can’t bring any drums (apart from bongos of course). Not a problem for these guys as they had a human beat box. They had a woman playing the violin, a man playing a cello and the most chilled out looking dude playing a tiny guitar (I forget what they’re called).


So we planned a trip to GoApe which is a great place at Leeds Castle which allows you to monkey around in the trees and play out your wildest Tarzan and Jane fantasies with safety ropes 🙂 ill be posting about that in the next post.

Faye’s long life dream has been to have mice. Cute little fancy mice that you can train and look after and walk around on your shoulder. I was skeptical when she mentioned it a few months ago, but day by day the cute little things chipped away at my armour and the knowledge that they were as cheap as looking after goldfish also really helped. So we bought 3. 1 more than we planned to buy. We have Molly, Daisy and Lilly. Daisy is mine and a little quiet and very sated although she did start getting a little comfy with me yesterday.


Faye’s mouse is Molly and she is insanely friendly and Lilly is the cheekyist little critter ever. Constantly trying to escape and leaping out of cardboard boxes to get out. Leaping. Like a friggen high jumper going for gold. They were all pretty scared when they first had human contact. One of the wee’d and poo’d on my hand but after 15 minutes or so they stopped doing that and were much more relaxed. They really are very nice pets to have and are mostly very friendly. No biting. No scratching and have quite the personality, even early on. Great pet for kids and a great pet if you just want an easy pet 🙂

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