Unconscious thinking showing it’s power in a real way

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I had an epiphany yesterday regarding how the unknown constant anxiety issue works. It’s actually rather simple in retrospect. Something you have all encountered every day just like I did.

You know when you start singing a song at the end of the day. It just pops out and you exclaim in annoyance because maybe it’s a god awful catchy song (Harlem shake anyone?). You may be with someone and then say ” For god sake! I’ve had this song in my head all day”. Well, in a lot of cases, like mine, you had no idea that it was in your head all day until that epiphany.

This lead me think that my anxiety is somewhat similar although instead of it just popping out and showing it’s ghastly face it is being forced out with a crow bar by a highly trained individual and a clinical psychology student who can read me like a book. It’s only then did I realise something about myself that I confusingly actually knew all along. I learnt yesterday that I have triggers with words. The words themselves are irrelevant but suffice to say I hate them, they make me uncomfortable and I have associated them with anxiety, seizures etc. Those words though are completely normal and have no real significance to other people. But to me they are like nails on a chalkboard that should be avoided at all costs and send my brain into overdrive and increasing my unconscious stress levels.

It’s time to use and hear those words in a more conventional way don’t you think?

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