iOS 7 beta 1 to beta 2: inconsistencies update

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In my previous post I noted some of the minor but in my opinion significant inconsistency issues that seem to be plaguing the new OS. Beta 2 was released just a few days ago and thought it would be wise to update on the issues that they have actually rectified.

Among the usual bug fixes, speed improvements etc they have actually, to a certain extent, fixed some of the issues with the OS. If you remember my 2 main concerns was the +/add issue and the tabs. Unfortunately the tabs have not been addressed although the +/add location has begun to improve hopefully signifying that Apple have at least realised they have a consistency issue.


















As you can see from the screenshots the contacts app and the calendar app is now in perfect harmoney (hallelujah). The photo’s app now uses a + instead of “add” although on the other side – I can only assume there is a reason for that which is not yet apparent to me.

The reminders app on the other hand is a little weird. The plus is no longer in the top bar and instead has been given new functionality. Instead of adding a reminder it allows you to add a new list and lists are still shown as cards. Cards? I thought the whole point of this OS update was to remove all skeuomorphism? I can only assume that the individual working on the Reminders app is constantly working away from the office without communication with the outside world and never received the message that Scott Forsal was basically fired. In my opinion the Reminders app (and icon) is the worst designed app of the lot because it has been forgotten, or more accurately, all design process and common sense has been forgotten. The top bar instead now has an alarm clock icon which allows you to see only reminders that are time sensitive. If I was the designer of this app I would move the clock to the left in the title bar, put the title “reminders” in the centre, move the + to the far right which would add a new NOTE. Search would only appear if you drag down in the app (like most other apps!) and I would also remove the card functionality (hence why you need the + to add a note). Adding a new list type would be a trickier affair but in my eyes it could be as simple as the mail app where the main page is a list of the lists with an edit button which allows you to delete a list or create a new list. The list of lists would show by default “All,  Reminders and Completed” very much like the iOS6 reminders app.

Excluding the Reminders app iOS is beginning to become something quite good although there is still quite a way to go. I personally do think that more issues will be fixed before the final deployment and it will become again the iOS as we know and love – improved and with a lick of paint.

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