iOS 7 beta 4 hopes and dreams

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iOS 7 Beta 4 is due (more like rumoured) to hit today and I do have a wish list. Don’t get me wrong. I am actually really getting use to the new OS and I actually really like it. So much so that I will be going for a new iPhone when it gets released but there are one or two things that I would love to have “tweaked” so that it’s on track.IMG_2333

Functionality/design tweaks

  • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE change the “new” to a “+” on the notes app! You are so close! (see image)
  • Reminders app is not as good and more difficult to use unfortunately. I preferred the old one much more. They current look like cards that overlay each other which is not needed at all and doesn’t provide me with a good user experience (see image)
  • Notification centre needs some work. I still don’t like it and it’s a massive step backwards from iOS6. I know where they were trying to go with it but I can’t say I’m a fan. I would like one screen for notification centre and let me organise as I wish. The main screen just shows an overview of the day which I don’t like. I want to see my calendar right at the top with then missed calls and texts etc. Not the weather. I can look outside for the weather (see image on the right)
  • I really want them to bring back the sharing widget. I miss being able to tweet and do Facebook updates straight from notification centre. I would be really surprised if they do bring it back though

Major bugs:

  • Screen periodically dies meaning I have to do a cold restart. It happens anywhere between once a day to 5 times in a day. It’s driving me mental.
  • Adding a calendar item adds it twice.
  • Sometimes you can’t open any app until you swipe to a different screen on springboard and then swipe back.

I think this is the extent of my wishlist – in a reasonable way. Get these sorted Apple and you are looking at a pretty polished off mobile OS. I guess we’ll find out soon enough! 🙂

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