The road after Graduation

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It’s weird to think that after 5 years of education I have finally graduated and my life technically is only really just beginning. I did so much in 5 years from being a fresher, making a variety of new friends, having crappy jobs, improving my grades year on year and starting a career at the University within Information Services. Not to mention the stresses and long hours of having a full time job and finishing my degree at the same time.

To think that all that is now over, and with the prospect up to of last week that I could even be out of a job was, and to be honest still is a daunting experience. Thankfully my job is safe and the restructure has been put on hold or is completely off – it’s hard to tell these days. A problem for upper management to deal with I guess. That being said, it’s nice to be able to focus on work again, not worry about my degree and focus on being at home, with Faye, and preparing for our future together.

So what’s next? Well we need to find a new place to live. Hopefully somewhere a little more homely, with a garden and maybe a spare bedroom. Continue preparing for the wedding which we are both very excited about and continuing to try and find as much morale as possible to do a great job at work. Something that is finally beginning to return thanks to Rana and the part-timers. Let’s hope it continues.

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  1. I cannot believe that many years ago I was looking after a sweet little bit be his sister. Somewhere between then and now he had grown into a handsome, clever and most beautiful person. We are so very proud of yo and love you loads. Xxx

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