Tech companies on the smart watch train before it’s even left the station

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This is what happens when companies release a device that they don’t fully understand all in an attempt to “be there” before Apple release their smart watch. When I first heard the rumour that Apple were working on a watch I said it would never take off. Who the hell actually wants those features on their wrist for the world to see? There is one major flaw that in my thinking that I didn’t realise until now. I was assuming its inevitable failure based on similar ideas as the Samsung Gear and the Pebble. Relatively large, ugly and uninspiring.

No one needs a smart watch. Apple are experts at making you WANT things that you don’t need. Maybe that’s what could differentiate their rumoured iWatch to the pathetic smart watches out there at the moment. I for one though find it difficult to believe that even Apple could pull it off.

Notifications, calls, texts all on my wrist – I’m alright thanks.

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