Things you should know about weddings before proposing!

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This is a jokey one but certainly useful if you are concerned about proposing but not being fully prepared. Myself and Faye love the challenge 😛

  1. Weddings are expensive. Even the cheap ones.
  2. Wedding dresses are expensive. Even the cheap ones.
  3. Prepare to cause some internal family arguments regarding the invites unless you are minted. You can’t afford to invite everyone especially for the whole day. So ensure you have a good party in the evening where you can afford to invite all your friends. The party is the second most important part, where the ceremony itself of course is the most important. Thankfully we managed to avoid the arguments
  4. Don’t be a douchebag about invites. Allow kids to come. Sure, don’t add them to the invite but allow your guests to ask if their kids can come. Not everyone can afford a babysitter or have access to one. Besides – it’s a family event.
  5. Give plenty of notice. Send your invites 9 months early so that guests can book time off work and not double book over a family holiday
  6. Don’t let it take over your life.The wedding is a phase and will pass! Marriage is not. If your relationship is being consumed talking about the wedding then what are you going to talk about once it’s done?!
  7. Do it together.


And finally – enjoy yourself! It only happens once!

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