Week 2 of attempted weight gain

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As you know Faye bought me a Fitbit (see first post) and I am closing in on my final week with the Fitbit and I have already noticed a positive change in my life. Now, don’t get me wrong, my saturated fats intake is probably through the roof and continuing down this route may cause more problems than it solves although in the short term I have noticed an improvement. I tend to have more energy throughout the day and my stomach has definitely stretched. I am now eating 300 – 500 calories a day more than I am burning. In contrast the week before last I was eating approximately 100 – 200 calories LESS than I was burning. It has been very difficult – eating when I’m not actually hungry but to be honest the most difficult part is the mental strain. My body is getting used to the fact that it gets hungry quicker but my brain doesn’t want to eat. My stomach says I’m hungry but my brain says I’m full. It has been difficult to overcome that mental obstacle and I suspect it will continue to be a challenge in the weeks to come.

What is most interesting is that I tend to eat one piece of fruit a day now. Whilst that may not sound all that amazing, the truth is I can’t remember a time where I was doing that. Fruit is just a way to ensure I hit my targets whilst not destroying my body with only carbs and fats. My aim of 2 pieces of fruit a day will begin this week, in addition to my glass of orange juice that I try to have daily (although I have been far less consistent with that).

So what does this mean for now? Well not much apart from generally more energy. I should continue down this path. Ensure I eat more healthy by snacking on fruits and ensure my saturated fat intake does not go to high. I want to check my weight at the end of February to see if my efforts have increased my weight (I’m hoping for 1 – 2 kg as I am currently 57kg) and to ensure I am part of the “healthy” section on the BMI scale.

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