A few days in with the new Apple TV

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I recently bought the new Apple TV 4, mainly because I managed to get a deal that reduced the price to £27 but also because I was still using the 5 or 6 year old Apple TV 2 still.

I’m not going to review the unit but I will highlight some things I noticed.


  • This update won’t change you’re life. It’s an improvement on the previous Apple TV but it isn’t a re-invention of the category. I feel as if Apple have learnt from building Apple TV apps from the 2 and 3 and brought it all together here meaning you get something very familiar but still very intuitive
  • It’s buggy, even after a .1 update. It has crashed on my twice already which is immensely disappointing.


  • The trackpad is brilliant. Seriously. I thought it would be a bit of a gimmick but it really does improve the way you scroll through lists.
  • Siri is the killer feature here. It is simply incredible and it’s only going to get better as developers make use of the API’s.
  • And the latest .1 update integrated my music collection which means no more scrolling through hundreds of artists to play music. As soon as Plex start using the functionality I’ll be a happy chappy.

In conclusion

Overall the new Apple TV is a little bittersweet.

The inteface is an improvement but I’m disappointed it’s not better. There are just quite a few obvious issues which they have overlooked which is very unlike them. For example, purchased shows from iTunes are not broken down by season. It gets particularly annoying if you want to scroll to season 10 of Friends and the list starts at 1 when there are 24 episodes per season. I hope future updates will improve this aspect of it.

The biggest improvement are content and how you access that content. Trackpad. Siri. Etc. Overall it’s a worthy upgrade and it’s only going to get better during future tvOS updates.

Apps I’m using: iTunes movies, iTunes Tv shows, Plex, BBC iPlayer, Netflix.
Apps coming soon for sure: Amazon Instant Video
Apps I hope to see: ITV player, All4, Flixster (for UV purchases)

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