To underline or not to underline: that is the question

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UX is the latest buzz word in the world of tech. For those who haven’t heard, it stands for User Experience and companies are employing specialised UX designers/developers to assess their web presence, mobile apps and internal software to ensure that the user experience is high. The benefits of this are of course significant, so much so that the University of Kent have employed their own UX specialist to assist in the development of future websites and services to ensure that prospective students and their family can find the information that they need, as easily as possible. A very clear example […]

Week 2 of attempted weight gain

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As you know Faye bought me a Fitbit (see first post) and I am closing in on my final week with the Fitbit and I have already noticed a positive change in my life. Now, don’t get me wrong, my saturated fats intake is probably through the roof and continuing down this route may cause more problems than it solves although in the short term I have noticed an improvement. I tend to have more energy throughout the day and my stomach has definitely stretched. I am now eating 300 – 500 calories a day more than I am burning. […]

Getting healthy and gaining weight with my Fitbit One

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I have always wanted something to track my movements throughout the day. Not in the location aware sense but in terms of calories burnt, calorie intake and even to monitor sleep and it became even more prudent recently. As most of you know. I am a skinny guy and I have many failed attempts in the past to try and gain weight. Mostly because I know my weight isn’t particularly healthy. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not troubling for now, but it is something that needs to be improved. It is particularly noticeable when I’m stressed as I stop eating […]

Things you should know about weddings before proposing!

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This is a jokey one but certainly useful if you are concerned about proposing but not being fully prepared. Myself and Faye love the challenge 😛 Weddings are expensive. Even the cheap ones. Wedding dresses are expensive. Even the cheap ones. Prepare to cause some internal family arguments regarding the invites unless you are minted. You can’t afford to invite everyone especially for the whole day. So ensure you have a good party in the evening where you can afford to invite all your friends. The party is the second most important part, where the ceremony itself of course is […]

Tech companies on the smart watch train before it’s even left the station

Posted on Leave a commentPosted in Personal This is what happens when companies release a device that they don’t fully understand all in an attempt to “be there” before Apple release their smart watch. When I first heard the rumour that Apple were working on a watch I said it would never take off. Who the hell actually wants those features on their wrist for the world to see? There is one major flaw that in my thinking that I didn’t realise until now. I was assuming its inevitable failure based on similar ideas as the Samsung Gear and the Pebble. Relatively large, ugly and uninspiring. […]